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I am a 43 years old straight single man living in Kokomo, Indiana

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PLEASE READ THE RULES LISTED IN THIS PROFILE. THERE WILL BE NO QUESTIONS WHEN YOU GET BANNED.OWNER OF THIS ROOM IS KaT DaddyModerator of this room is DV8Hello, I have created this room for chat purposes only. This is your room use it how you want it. The only thing that is required is you follow the few rules I have provided to make this room fun and enjoyable. PLEASE READ THEMThere are a few rules of the room.1. No begging for shows2. Be respectful to others3 No males in a womans profile4. Have funThese are just three simple rules so if you cannot follow them then please leave or YOU WILL BE BANNED NO QUESTIONS ASKED.Send questions or problems to this account for this chat room you may also send questions or comments to the owner of this room. if you have a complaint please let me know asap and if im around I will handle the issue.I have a server in my home which I hope to keep running to keep this chat room up.2..We are recruting for moderators (AKA Booters) if interested you may contact me at [email protected]

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