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I am a 55 years old straight single woman living in Cape Girardeau, Missouri

lookin for a little trouble...and alot of fun !!

5'4 130 lbs of fun!! Cowgirl at heart. I'm that cowgirl your momma warned you me on that ! I love to ride horses and steel horses. It has been 27 years since I have been single and things sure have changed. I grew up on 1,100 acres with horses, rattlesnakes, a mule named Jake and 2 older brothers (ewwww!) and let me tell you ~ some of the things I have seen out here in the singles scene scare me more than those rattlesnakes did.At least I KNEW what them snakes were gonna do... Whew !!I would love to go for a nice long ride up a winding, hilly, bumpy back road listening to nothing but the sound of the bike and to feel the wind through my hair and the vibration between my legs ~ NAKED!!!

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