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I am a 32 years old bisexual single woman living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Soon to be single looking to play the field! MEN AGE 40 AND YOUNGER ONLY PLEASE!!!

Been with the same man my whole life and now looking to be sexually scandallous.I am in the process of divorcing my husband. I have been with him for 11 years since I was a junior in high school and he was my first serious boyfriend and i was his first girlfriend. a couple years ago we experimented with swinging b/c we had never been with any one else. We are still living together with our children until he finds other arrangements. We are actually getting along quite well.. but I don't want to go back. we make better friends. So I've decided that i'd like to take this opportunity to "play the field" and be a bit scandalous. I'm not really looking for anything serious right now, but sometimes fate is surprising. I need to do a bit of finding myself as I have been accomidating his likes for all these years. I like to bowl, go for walks, bike, crochet, and play on the computer. I do like to read but lately playing on the computer takes precidence (my friends do live in it afterall) .. lolMy Ideal Person: I am a super horny woman who is finally fulfilling her pent up need to be scandalous and slutty. I would really like to be gang banged. And even tho size doesn't matter I do like big fat cocks. Doesn't mean I turn down others tho!!! I once had two cocks in my vag at the same time and it was incredible. there isn't much I'm not accepting of or not willing to try. rimming and pain are on my definate no list.

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